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Crypto robbery using SIM cards

The old method for stealing SIM cards reinvented by Joel Oritz to steal bitcoin

USA Millennials drawn to cryptocurrencies

Another survey on American sentiment towards digital currencies. Those born between 1980 and 2000 want cryptocurrencies in their wallets

A brief Crypto investment guide

Some useful questions and advice that should be followed before deciding whether to put money into an ICO or into the securities of a company engaged in the DLT.

Envion doesn’t comply with Swiss crypto laws

Interview with Lars Schlichting, member of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (now FINMA) and of a Big Four. He is now CEO of the Poseidon/Eidoo Group

Crypto Iran: a blockchain in development

To circumvent its financial sanctions, the country would be developing its own blockchain.

Phishing attack during the Waves debut

Having completed the testing, the platform takes off but it immediately ends up the victim of a hacker. Passport of CEO Sasha Ivanov was counterfeited, he tries to defend himself via Twitter

Convert Singapore airlines krisflyer points to tokens

The company will offer conversion of airline miles into points to spend in stores using blockchain technology

Cardano, developments of the Shelley project

Here are the new objectives of the blockchain, created at the behest of academics and scientists. Multisig wallets, decentralization, voting systems and stakepools are the main topics

MEW announces: “Buy ETH with credit card”

In addition to exchanging tokens, the famous wallet for Ethereum for a few days offers the possibility to buy cryptos with fiat currencies through Visa and Mastercard.

The business of secret crypto policies

Startups and wallet owners underwrite products against loss or theft but ask for anonymity

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