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Bitcoin: price rises today

The crypto sector today alternates between positive and negative signs with a 50% balance

Bitcoin: BTC’s swings continue

Today is the third consecutive day of upward movement, something that hasn't happened since the first week of September

Top exchanges hold at least 12 million Ethereum

According to public data, the Bitfinex exchange holds 3 million ETH, while Kraken and Binance hold 2,5 and 2 million ETH respectively.

XRP, the price of the token is up 8%

A good start of the week in the crypto sector: 80% is in positive territory.

Review: BitBox02 hardware wallet from Shift Crypto Security

The new product was made available on the market on September 25th, 2019

Crypto market: alternation of red and green

Looking at the first 100 cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalisation, half of them are in positive territory, the others in negative

Zilliqa up 14%, but only on Bithumb

Negative day for the cryptocurrency sector, 70% is in negative territory

Bitcoin, the price in trouble at $8000 dollars

After the storm of the last few days, positive values for the cryptocurrency sector are being revised

ConsenSys: published the list of the most active dApps on GitHub

The ranking is based on data from the State of the DApps website

Bitcoin: Bakkt shows its weakness

The launch of futures does not seem to bring luck to the price of BTC

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