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Xilinx Virtex VCU1525: Are FPGAs for mining back in vogue?

The Xilinx Virtex VCU1525 is an FPGA that can be used for cryptocurrency mining

Crypto trends: prices are going down

The slow agony of the bull continues, suffering because of the bear, still alive and well.

Privacy tokens, a short guide

Some tools allow particularly anonymous transactions: here is a short list

Day trading cryptocurrency: Bears making the market uncertain

June opens quite stable after the May debacle with total capitalization going from $470 billion to $330 billion. Today Iota, NEM and Cardano are doing well

Prague adds underground Bitcoin ATMs

At Prague’s subway, newspapers and cigarettes can be bought with bitcoin. This was announced by General Bytes, a company that produces cryptocurrency ATMs and holds 27% of the world market.

BitOasis interrupts deposits and withdrawals

BitOasis, situated in Dubai, has been forced to interrupt deposits and withdrawals in Dirham, thanks to the hostility of credit institutions.

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