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Lightning Network: even Litecoin among the LN applications

Developments in the relationship between LN and LTC are not very clear yet

Stablecoin report: a comparative analysis of major crypto projects

From the data, it is possible to observe the trend of those cryptocurrencies designed to minimize price volatility

Rhino Coin, the digital currency to save rhinos. Or to speculate on their horns?

A cryptocurrency has been launched which would have the objective of safeguarding this endangered species. But won't it risk being an investment in the precious horns?

Mining crypto: what cryptocurrency can be mined?

On CoinMarketCap there are 2082 assets, 626 of which can be extracted with computing power

Binance, “we still have a lot of work to do on the decentralized exchange”

On the occasion of the Crypto Coinference held in Milan last week, Cryptonomist interviewed the Maltese exchange COO

There are 500,000 EOS accounts: are they many or few?

The cryptocurrency announces that it has reached half a million active users. How does it compare with others

Italy, 100 million towards blockchain and wifi projects

95 million have been diverted from 5G research projects towards projects related to the development of Wi-Fi, Artificial Intelligence, DLT and Internet of Things

Bitcoin mining revenues close to 5 billion

BTC miners' earnings increase, reaching astronomical figures, but profits are still declining

Bitland blockchain, among the 50 most brilliant companies

A crypto company was included in the famous publication among the best business ideas of 2018

Medical tokens: all crypto projects related to healthcare

What are the main tokens in the continuously growing healthcare sector?

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