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Crypto market news: time to celebrate

The market attempts to recover after several days of suffering. Positive signs for 95% of digital coins, Ontology is doing very well

Kosovo mining, a new hub for crypto

Thanks to cheap electricity and labour supply, the country is becoming a landmark for mining companies.

Lights, camera, action! A crypto movie

In New York, a thriller about the world of cryptocurrencies with Alexis Bledel, Kurt Russell and other stars is coming out in 2019

“State cryptos? Premature but they will come”

For Professor A.M. Rinaldi, e-currencies frighten Bankitalia because they fear the collapse of the banking system. But he adds: "you can not stop the evolution of the economy".

Binance sport investment: agreement with Chiliz

Binance sport investment: agreement between the exchange and ChiliZ, a Maltese platform that manages the voting rights of fans.

Cryptocurrency trading: a red and green market

Congestion continues, AE doing well (+14%). Meanwhile, Coinbase, the largest San Francisco-based exchange, applies for an SEC compliant broker-dealer license. TheseĀ are the latest cryptocurrency trading news.

Discovering Bitcoin LN

From bitcoin limitations to the possibility of carrying out instant transactions of microscopic amounts almost free of charge and respectful of privacy. Here's a guide to learn about the future

Bitcoin City, Australia and Slovenia in the forefront

In Australia is emerging the first "digital currency city", while in Slovenia it is opening a huge shopping center that accepts payments in crypto

Crypto Daily Trading: Bulls charging again

The week starts with the right pace. Among the top 30 coins, green prevails, Bitcoin Cash doing well, Ripple awaken, red sign for Iota

Day trading cryptocurrency: Bears making the market uncertain

June opens quite stable after the May debacle with total capitalization going from $470 billion to $330 billion. Today Iota, NEM and Cardano are doing well

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