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An experimental Bitshares browser plugin has been released

Developer Fabian Schuh has released the code for an experimental Google Chrome plugin

Micro-mining with phones to buy wine

An agreement between Consta Mobile and California Wine company leads to IOWT tokens being used in the real world

USA Millennials drawn to cryptocurrencies

Another survey on American sentiment towards digital currencies. Those born between 1980 and 2000 want cryptocurrencies in their wallets

SEMrush, a report on the fintech sector in 2018

The famous web marketing portal publishes a study on the trends of the sector in the last year, in 7 countries. FB comes out on top, surpassed by YouTube only in Spain

MEW announces: “Buy ETH with credit card”

In addition to exchanging tokens, the famous wallet for Ethereum for a few days offers the possibility to buy cryptos with fiat currencies through Visa and Mastercard.

Six ways to stay away from ICO-scams

There are some unavoidable aspects to analyze in order to judge the potential of a token sale. Especially before you invest real money into it

The ultimate zilliqa guide

Guide to the new revolutionary blockchain, and to its coin, ZIL

Zucco introduces us to the RBG protocol

Interview with BHB Network founder: "We want to coordinate and stimulate the most credible Bitcoin community on the topic of Bitcoin-based digital assets. We are submerged by positive feebacks "

Story of five crypto-scams, for greedy and gullible people

The digital coin industry also attracts crafty and delinquent people. The classic case is the promise of easy money with the Ponzi scheme. A journey through the great crypto-scams

Cryptocurrency Tax Issues. Guideline for Tax on Digital Funds

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise. The Bitcoin Dollar Forex is sky high and the blockchain technology has the potential to knock banks out of the game

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