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Ethereum betrays the deal with Bitcoin concerning peer to peer cash

It all stems from a simple tweet in which Vitalik Buterin mentions a dinner paid in ETH

Charles Hoskinson attacks Wikipedia: censorship of crypto projects

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Charles Hoskinson expresses all his indignation and claims: "There is a commercial censorship taking place on Wikipedia". A...

Women’s Day in the blockchain world

Established in 1977 to commemorate social, economic and political achievements, this day is also useful to remember the discrimination and violence that a phallocentric society has perpetrated for too long

Saifedean Ammous: interview with the author of The Bitcoin Standard

Guest at the Milanese Blockchain Education Network, The Cryptonomist met him a few days ago to talk about privacy

How MimbleWimble will be integrated on Litecoin

A few days ago, two proposals were published concerning the increase in the block size of the blockchain

Bitcoin and Ethereum dominating in terms of users in Meetup groups

Group analysis clearly shows the low numbers of all other major cryptocurrencies

Ethereum Starks debuts on the testnet: 550 Tx/s in the first tests

Ethereum Starks debuts on the testnet: 550 Tx/s in the first tests

Bitcoin (BTC): price increase drives up Google searches

With the rise in the price of bitcoin, Google searches have increased significantly

A board with Bitcoin Satoshi Vision exchange delistings

Crypto players comment on the delisting from the exchanges

Brock Pierce receives the EOS Torch

Following the success of the Lightning Torch, here comes the initiative by

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