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Brock Pierce receives the EOS Torch

Following the success of the Lightning Torch, here comes the initiative by

Bitcoin Tipping app on Twitter and Reddit

There are apps that, when connected with social networks, allow rewarding authors with micropayments

Tron and Monica from “Friends” supporting the ALS Association

Justin Sun donated $250,000 together with Binance and BitTorrent

The relationship between hackers and a Bitcoin full node

Once again some ideas from Andreas Antonopoulos' YouTube channel

Bitcoin volume, the ups and downs

Have you seen the price of Bitcoin lately? It’s not only moving sideways as generally dropping in volume.

Bitcoin Pizza Day, Laszlo insists and pays in satoshis

On 22 May, eight years ago he paid BTC 10,000 for the two most expensive pizzas in history. Today he has done it again, to demonstrate that the Lighting Network works

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