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Hoskinson vs Vitalik Reddit debate on their projects

A fierce Reddit debate between the creators of Ethereum and Cardano. Both accuse each other of "weaknesses" in their respective projects

CCID blockchain ranking adds Tezos and Nuls

The Chinese agency dealing with developments in IT has updated the list of blockchain projects under observation, with two important additions

Crypto signals: The Turkish lira beats bitcoin

The week began with a majority of positive signs for the first 20 cryptocurrencies but most of them have increases of only 2% or less

The case against XRP tokens is closed

Good news for the team of the cryptocurrency that manages to avoid trial. For the time being

ERC 725, an answer to the identification problem

A solution for the management of personal data on the ETH blockchain has been found the creator of the ERC20 protocol

Bitfinex, “We are in discussions to relocate to Switzerland”

Exclusive interview with CEO JL van der Velde about the future of Tether, Nectar token, and his idea of crypto-regulation

Celebrities and crypto, a good match

From top scorer Messi and the king of gloves Tyson to the actress Paltrow and Sir Richard Branson, here are some VIPs that embrace the blockchain revolution

USA Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference in Arizona

On December 14-15th, Phoenix will host a crypto event with IBM, Eidoo, Facebook and many more

Token record: 1800 listed on Coinmarketcap

The bear market and the failure of some projects are not holding back the launch of new ICOs. Bitcoin at 49.5% dominance

The Kangaroo bond on the blockchain is here

An agreement has been reached between the World Bank Group and the Australian CBA for the issue of debt securities

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