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Anthony Pompliano: “Bitcoin is a sponge for trillions of dollars”

The crypto influencer considers BTC a hedge against undisciplined monetary and fiscal policy

Pomp Investments: Anthony Pompliano’s new announcement

The crypto influencer's investment column talks about Nelo today

Anthony Pompliano invests in Sovryn

A DeFi platform based on a second layer on Bitcoin

Anthony Pompliano on Bitcoin’s decline: “relax!”

The influencer points out that BTC still has a 50% YTD gain to its credit

Anthony Pompliano sceptical about XRP, but not Ripple

XRP may not increase in value, no matter whether Ripple is successful or not

Anthony Pompliano: “The Bitcoin halving is not priced in yet”

The famous crypto influencer suggests that by May 12th, 2020 the price of BTC could still increase

Anthony Pompliano: “Bitcoin is doing exactly what it was built to do”

BTC's price had already exceeded the $10,000 threshold twice in the past, but never as slowly and naturally as it is doing these days

Figure Technology welcomes Anthony Pompliano and reaches $103 Million

Blockchain-based loan company relies on Morgan Creek

Anthony Pompliano: “95% of the tokens will be useless”

The Cryptonomist interviewed the co-founder of Morgan Creek in Rome to talk about the future of the crypto world and more

Anthony Pompliano, Morgan Creek: “Investing in crypto is better than investing in stocks”

In the last 10 years, investing even just 1% of your capital in bitcoin would have generated higher returns than traditional markets

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