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Bank of America releases its views on PayPal’s stablecoin

"PYUSD may face headwinds from its adoption due to the rise of CBDCs"

Bank of America and Tesla, the crisis of the two giants becomes apparent in stocks

Current performance and impact of Fed monetary policy on equities

Bank of America: young people hold more crypto

America's wealthy youth are 7.5 times more likely to hold crypto than investors aged 43 and older

Bank of America: the Merge will bring greater adoption of Ethereum

A recent report from the American investment bank predicts that the highly anticipated new update will increase its adoption

Twitter sues Morgan Stanley and Bank of America

The company has demanded all documents related to financing obtained by Musk for the acquisition

Bank of America: “Bitcoin is not feeling the bear market”

Despite the period of high volatility and performance often below the 200-day moving average, BTC continues to be supported by holders and maintains high confidence among analysts

Cryptocurrencies: Bank of America held back by regulation

The CEO revealed that they do not intend to fully engage in the crypto market mainly because of regulation

Ethereum surpasses Bank of America, how far it can go

Ethereum versus financial giants and predictions for its future

Bank of America invested $17 billion in blockchain and crypto in 2021

Tripled in one year, they are spawning many new crypto projects

El Salvador: bitcoin’s advantages according to Bank of America

The decision to make BTC legal tender in the country is also having consequences outside the country itself

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