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Litecoin poised for 700% gains over bitcoin? Founder Charlie Lee’s Opinion

What is happening with crypto litecoin (LTC)? What is the halving expected in August?

Charlie Lee celebrates 10 years of Litecoin

The creator of LTC expresses his enthusiasm on Twitter

Charlie Lee of Litecoin against NFTs

Non-fungible tokens would be unattractive because they are unlimited

Litecoin: Charlie Lee takes part in a Bitcoin-based project

LTC founder joins a startup operating with BTC blockchain

Charlie Lee’s accurate prediction on Litecoin

A cryptic tweet that apparently contained a prediction, which later became true

Lightning Network: Charlie Lee loses to Roger Ver

A bet from almost two years ago sees BCH as the winner

Charlie Lee: Litecoin founder does not believe in DeFi

The problem encountered recently by the Fulcrum decentralized finance platform illustrates its not completely decentralized nature

The auction of Litecoin crypto wallets signed by Charlie Lee starts today

The proceeds will be allocated directly to the Litecoin Foundation

Charlie Lee: “Warren Buffett will never invest in bitcoin (BTC)”

The knowledgeable scientist and creator of Litecoin shares his opinion before the famous lunch with Warren Buffett

Charlie Lee: “the halving will cause Litecoin’s price to drop.”

In an interview, the LTC founder has his say on the future of the cryptocurrency

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