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Fabio Panetta attacks crypto

A discussion on the need for stricter regulation of the cryptocurrency sector

Panetta (ECB): cryptocurrencies have no reason to exist

The representative of the European Central Bank was also hard on stablecoins

Pilot crypto project with Bank of Italy

The regulatory framework on the crypto sector is finally clear and certain also in Italy, thus favoring the entry of institutions as well

SWIFT ready to accept cross-border CBDC payments

This confirms the fact that the system of state-owned digital currencies is set to steadily increase its adoption

State-backed cryptocurrencies, amid present and future scenarios

The changes underway are inducing central banks to take action

Legislators and regulators move forward, but in no particular order

The current regulatory framework in Italy for those operating in the crypto world is redundant and not at all clear

ECB starts working on the digital euro

There are conflicting views between cryptocurrencies in general and a potential CBDC

Lagarde (ECB): Russia uses crypto to circumvent sanctions

The President of the European Central Bank is once again speaking out against cryptocurrencies

Europe includes cryptocurrencies in new framework for digital payments

The text heralds regulation of the crypto sector

Digital euro: legal tender is not a given

It appears that it cannot be a foregone conclusion that CBDCs will necessarily be legal tender once they are placed on the market 

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