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Forbes launches its CryptoMarkets

The well-known American magazine enters the cryptocurrency market thanks to

Accusations against Nano devs for the BitGrail hack have been rejected

A New York judge rejected investors' accusations against developers for having "negligently misrepresented" the reliability of the Italian exchange BitGrail

Swissquote, Swiss bank launches the Diamond ICO

The digital banking institution allows customers to participate in the token sale related to the diamond industry

Lancor Scientific’s cancer screening tech to prove the global utility of the blockchain

Thanks to the distributed ledger, healthcare can be improved and a startup launches a detection cancer screening device

OMF presented at the blockchain-music festival in Berkeley

Music and technology travel on the same wavelength, to the point where even the blockchain becomes part of this world with Our Music Festival

Auctioning 4.3 million bitcoins

The US federal police force will sell the seized virtual currencies

Blockstream, Liquid is finally online

The San Francisco startup released the sidechain after 3 years of work

Bitcoin ETF fever is back

The SEC reopens consultation on the 9 new proposals rejected in August. Will an ETF be approved this time?

US political campaigns financed by mining

The FEC is considering a very original proposal to allow supporters of election committees to make their own devices available for crypto extraction

The unknown BnkToTheFuture (BFT) outperforms the market

The days continue to flow without any excitement

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