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US parliament discusses the future of cryptos

On 18 July, a hearing organised by the House of Representatives focused on digital coins

Friday 13th does not stop crypto sector

An uphill market, apart from the three big ones: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Bitcoin Gold skyrockets with +10% and Dash with +7%.

Swiss credit institutions must help young fintech companies

Swiss credit institutions must help young fintech companies for the financial director of Zug’s canton

Australia gives IBM contracts worth one billion dollars

An agreement has been signed between the IT giant and the Australian government to allow the country to become one of the first three digital governments in the world

Tombstone on the Indian crypto world

Three months ago, the Central Bank ordered credit institutions to close all open positions with the exchanges by July 5th. Now the Supreme Court has confirmed

The Monetary Policy Department: “Cryptos a form of private money”

A report by the Monetary Policy Department defines cryptos as "a form of private money". Does not consider them replacements for fiat currencies, but keeps an open mind

A new exchange Rare Bits , a competitor to ebay

A new exchange platform with online sales takes off. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to eliminate the barriers between crypto and consumers.

Peter Nagle dissapointed by the Bank of Ireland

According to "The Irish Times", the companies selling Bitcoin in Eire have seen unjustly denied banking services

A “Blockchain Taskforce” in Switzerland

This is the proposal of Federal Councillor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann. To make the Swiss country a more crypto-friendly nation.

For Jim Cramer blockchain is a threat to banks

Former hedge manager claims crypto and blockchain technology will make credit institutions similar to dinosaurs going extinct

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