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The SEC prohibited the Ether and Bitcoin Tracker One tools

The US Authority blocks XTB's distribution of two financial instruments because they are deemed misleading

Crypto quotes, 13 aphorisms on Bitcoin and Blockchain

The best phrases and quotations on the crypto theme made by illustrious personalities of the sector and not

The idea of a state cryptocurrency is becoming popular

More and more countries are developing or considering issuing their own blockchain-based currency

Ethereum block reward will be halved

This and other novelties have been announced today by the project developers

Switzerland, “Crypto experts address the regulation issue”

The group dedicated to blockchain technology and ICOs provides an opportunity to discuss the state agency's operation

The CBOE ready to launch ETH futures

The derivative is expected to reach the market already in 2018. The announcement is not yet official, but the process of obtaining the green light from the CFCT is ongoing.

Russia Ethereum: the distributed ledger used by farmers

Managing over 15,000 fruit and vegetable markets is very complicated. So in Moscow, they decided to record space requests through the blockchain

Bitcoin bail, a trial case in San Francisco

Martin Marsich, an Italian-Serbian resident in Udine, has been accused of violating some servers. A judge granted the release but only after a payment of 750,000 dollars in BTC

The case against XRP tokens is closed

Good news for the team of the cryptocurrency that manages to avoid trial. For the time being

Crypto-market down: The SEC delay affects negatively the market

The SEC delays its decision on ETFs until 30 September. The market is red

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