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Blockchain: Tron adds Google Cloud as a super representative candidate

Google Cloud has announced that it has been added as a super representative candidate on the Tron blockchain.

As Coinbase Cloud and Google Cloud join forces with EigenLayer for blockchain innovation

In an innovative development for the blockchain sector, Coinbase Cloud and Google Cloud have joined EigenLayer as operators, marking a significant collaboration after the launch of EigenLayer's mainnet. Blockchain: Coinbase and Google Cloud together with EigenLayer The blockchain industry is witnessing a remarkable evolution with the launch of the mainnet of […]

Google Cloud enhances Solana with BigQuery integration, unlocking insights from the crypto and web3 worlds

This major step promises to reshape the blockchain technology landscape

Web3 Auth launches extension to Firebase Hub in partnership with Google Cloud

Aiming to simplify the transition of applications to the blockchain world

Celo Network partners with Google Cloud: a great addition to the crypto world

The collaboration between Celo Network and Google Cloud: all the details

Google Cloud supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

They wrote it explicitly, black on white, on an official statement

Polygon announces partnership with Google Cloud

The scaling solutions of Polygon will be integrated within Google's cloud service

The partnership between Google Cloud and crypto project Casper Labs.

This move is part of Google's ongoing efforts to provide enterprise-grade blockchain solutions

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