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Qtum deploys $1 million for DeFi

An important incentive for the development of dApps also on this blockchain

Qtum teaming up with Beam for atomic swaps

After those with bitcoin, the blockchain platform announced the launch of cross-chain and trustless trades also with the high-level privacy cryptocurrency

Eclair: Qtum’s Lightning Network solution

The network will be able to handle a much higher number of transactions compared to the past

SpaceChain: the first transaction on Qtum for the space project

The news related to the development was announced a few hours ago

Qtum completes the first Bitcoin Atomic Swap on the Mainnet

An exchange without intermediaries has been carried out with the transactions recorded on the respective blockchains

QTUM partners with Amazon Web Services

Today a “historic partnership” has been announced with Amazon Web Services China on its blog to enhance the blockchain as a service (BaaS) part of the platform

ERC-223: the token standard by hacker Dexaran has been added to Ethereum’s list of standards

ERC-223 solves some security and usability issues of the classic ERC-20, simplifying the end-user-side experience

What is it and how does DAO Labs’ social mining work?

Participants in the web3 world may soon be rewarded for activities that are performed on a daily basis

Bitcoin casino for Italian players

Currently, online gambling and casinos are among the websites where a significant percentage of cryptocurrency transactions are made, accounting for more than 45%

Italian multibrand Michele Franzese Moda accepts crypto

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies are entering the luxury space

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