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The USA have moved 30,000 Bitcoin from Silk Road

Probably the US Department of Justice is preparing to sell them.

Silk Road: Bitcoin seized by the FBI now for sale

The amount seems high, but it is not, so much so that the effect on the price could be minimal.

The incredible story of Jimmy Zhong: the hacker who stole 50,000 bitcoins from the online drug market Silk Road

A stratospheric sum that was worth $3.36 billion at the time of his arrest.

US government moves Bitcoin connected to Silk Road

Perhaps it is preparing for a new auction like the one in March

Crypto news: US government will sell $1.17 billion in Bitcoin seized from Silk Road

The US government will liquidate over $1,175,000,000 in Bitcoin seized from Silk Road hacker: here's what will happen

Silk Road: biggest Bitcoin seizure ever occurred

It happened last year, but only in recent days did the person responsible plead guilty

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht forfeits $3 billion in Bitcoin

The debt of the founder of the marketplace has been cancelled, but he is still in prison

FreeRossDAO wins Silk Road founder’s NFT auction

"Genesis Collection" raised a total of over 2,800 ETH ($12 million)

Video interview with Lyn, mother of Ross Ulbricht (Silk Road)

A touching conversation about the latest news on the absurd imprisonment of the founder of the Dark Web marketplace.

Bitcoins seized from Silk Road, clues about individual X

According to Fortune, it might be an agent in prison

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