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Ethereum: Traditional DEXs, DeFi and Swaps are dying

In May 2020, the blockchain of Vitalik fully demonstrated its market utility as a decentralized platform

Over 100 new DeFi projects in one month

The virtual hackathon Hack Money, organized by EthGlobal, has just ended

Ren Protocol brings DeFi to BTC, BCH and ZEC

The system allows transforming the assets of certain blockchains into ERC20 tokens useful for decentralized finance

DeFi: How many bitcoin are locked?

There are more BTC on Ethereum than on Lightning Network

DeFi: how many Ethereum are locked?

ETH used in decentralized finance protocols represent 1.82% of the total

WBTC becomes collateral for DAI

A vote allowed the new integration with the algorithmic stablecoin

DeFi: How many DAI are now locked?

Where are the stablecoin tokens and how many are the frozen ones

Stellar arrives on Ledger

Users can now manage XLM directly from smartphones or computers and then send and receive Lumens without problems

New assets for Coinbase Custody

A service that manages $8 billion

Binance under DDoS attack

A few minutes ago CEO Changpeng Zhao announced that the Chinese domain has been attacked but without damage

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