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Crypto Experts Predict New ETH Price Targets With Ethereum ETF Approval News

Bloomberg ETF analysts James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas backtracked from their pessimistic outlook, now projecting a 75% likelihood that the SEC will greenlight the spot ETH ETFs.

Bitfinex lists the web3 crypto of Portal: $PORTAL

The PORTAL token has recently landed on the markets, but its platform aims to revolutionize the world of online gaming.

Yuga Labs suspends the NFT CryptoPunks project after community criticism

Yuga Labs has announced the suspension of the NFT CryptoPunks project due to a wave of criticism from its community.

The latest updates for the crypto of the artificial intelligence sector: analysis of the coins Sora AI and

In this article we delve into the crypto Sora AI and, both linked to the artificial intelligence sector.

Latest news and price analysis of the crypto The Graph (GRT), Litecoin (LTC) and Bonk (BONK)

In this article we report the latest most relevant news regarding the crypto ecosystems of The Graph, Litecoin and Bonk.

Ripple makes public the number of its XRP in the Q1 crypto report

Ripple, one of the main companies in the crypto sector, has recently published its quarterly report on the XRP markets.

Genesis: Gemini exchange will start returning crypto to customers

Approved the plan: refunds will start to be sent by the end of May.

Price prediction of the crypto Dogecoin: DOGE falls to the key level of $0.15

Technical analysis of Dogecoin: the reasons for the drop to $0.15.

7 Best Crypto Presales to Invest In For 2024

Many investors believe the best time to buy is during the presale phase, particularly for high short term gains.

Venezuela bans crypto mining to protect the electrical grid

The government of Venezuela has recently decided to ban crypto mining in an attempt to protect the national electrical grid.

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