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Poseidon DAO’s AMA: talking with Emanuele Dascanio and Matteo Mauro

A closer look at Emanuele Dascanio and Matteo Mauro

Poseidon DAO presents Emanuele Dascanio, Matteo Mauro and Leo Caillard

A new live Twitter Space of the famous investment fund

NFT work by Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio auctioned for $60,000

De Mætaverse by the two Italian artists was up for auction on the international website and was bought by collector Anesti Dhima

Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio launch De Metæverse NFT

The digital artwork will be auctioned on 10 February 2022 on SuperRare

Emanuele Dascanio, Lamborghini and hyperrealism applied to the NFT world

The world of non-fungible tokens is considered "The New Renaissance" and is eager to explore the infinite artistic possibilities that it offers

NFT: Emanuele Dascanio’s new work dedicated to quantum physics

This is the result of a collaboration with Insighbart, a trio of theoretical physicists and the University of Messina - MIFT department, which opens the door to innovations in the NFT field

Emanuele Dascanio, the internationally renowned hyperrealist artist launches his first NFT on SuperRare

A long-awaited drop on the famous platform for non-fungible tokens.

Poseidon DAO’s AMA: a talk with Giovanni Motta and Emanuele Ferrari

The upcoming guests have also been announced

Cortesi Gallery: The opening of the NFT exhibition with Dascanio, Mauro and Caillard

Yesterday, the vernissage of the phygital exhibition, took place in Lugano

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