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Iran approves regulation for crypto trading

The first cryptocurrency transaction was worth $10 million

Iran: more precise regulation on cryptocurrencies coming

Imports can be paid for in cryptocurrency in the country, prompting a push for targeted laws

Iran: first official import paid for in crypto

The $10 million order is the first step to circumvent US sanctions

Kraken investigated for violating sanctions imposed on Iran

US authorities, according to rumors, are also conducting tight checks on other exchanges, such as Binance

Iran and the Crypto Rial. A change in the country’s economic policy

Central bank governor opens up to cryptocurrencies

Iran: Bitcoin mining farms resume operations while costs rise in Kyrgyzstan

An estimated 7% of the world's hashrate is held by Iranian mining farms

Iran confiscates bitcoin mining farms

Many clandestine mining farms have been shut down, and many mining machines seized over the past week

Iran bans bitcoin mining for four months

The country is subject to numerous blackouts, and elections are due in a month's time

Bitcoin to help Iran out of a dramatic situation

The health, economic and financial emergency is putting a strain on the country, which nevertheless has large quantities of oil at its disposal

Iran: central bank wants in on bitcoin

The country's authorized miners are obliged to provide the extracted cryptocurrencies to the central bank.

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