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Unified Liquidity Platform Range Protocol Unveils Skate: The First Universal Application Layer Powering Apps to Run on All Chains With One State

Singapore, Singapore, April 3rd, 2024, ChainwireSkate is backed by leading founders in web3, including EigenLayer, Polygon, Manta, Axelar, Pendle, A41 and Galxe, supporting its...

Dump of the crypto market overnight: bull liquidations for 400 million dollars

Ieri notte, il mercato crypto ha registrato una pesante correzione dei prezzi, che รจ sfociata in liquidazioni di futures per $400 milioni.

Liquidations for $550 million in crypto derivatives markets: here’s what to do

The market, at the moment, is showing extreme volatility.

News for Puffer Finance with a TVL of $850 million: the second liquid restaking protocol

The unstoppable success of Puffer Finance in the world of DeFi

Metis launches the Liquid Staking Blitz: here’s what it’s all about

These are the first tokens for liquid staking on an Ethereum layer-2.

Decentralized Fund Management Platform DeSyn Launch Liquidity Restaking Fund, Enjoy triple points for Eigenlayer, Renzo, and DeSyn

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, February 6th, 2024, ChainwireAfter a period of tranquility, the Ethereum ecosystem is gradually regaining momentum with the rise of the...

Binance is considering the possibility of reducing the shares of the South Korean exchange Gopax amid liquidity concerns

In a strategic move, Binance, the global giant of cryptocurrency exchange, is considering the possibility of reducing its stake in the South Korean platform Gopax. The move aims to address liquidity issues and overcome compliance obstacles, showcasing Binance's proactive approach to improving stability within its exchange portfolio. […]

Wirex: the crypto card app adds support for Liquid tokens

Users can use LQTY and LUSD at 50 million merchants in 200 countries.

The liquidity game

This is not another hagiographic piece on artificial intelligence (AI) and the infamous blockchains.

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