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Maker DAO invests $500 million in US treasuries and bonds

The strategy continues to reduce depeg risks for the algorithmic stablecoin DAI, which is holding up very well

Maker DAO: -98% of the TVL?

An error in the data shows an apparent loss of 98% of the total value locked on

Maker DAO team: “the foundation will be dissolved at some point”

An insightful interview with the team of the well-known stablecoin DAI

Balancer ready to delist Maker DAO, BAT and dozens of other tokens?

Yesterday on the Discord channel of the Decentralized Exchange there was an interesting conversation and some suspicious delisting

Camila Russo: “Maker DAO’s dominance has declined, which shows the ecosystem is becoming healthier”

“I decided to start a DeFi newsletter, and published the first issue five days after turning in the first draft of The Infinite Machine, in June last year.”

Interview with Maker DAO Maria Magenes

The Cryptonomist talked with the Community Leader of Europe of the DeFi company

Maker DAO: the latest stats from DAI

The protocol has also proved to be more profitable than stock market investments and will soon enter the gaming world

Crypto Crash: Maker DAO intervenes to stabilize DeFi

The abrupt collapse of ETH's price put the platform in crisis

Maker DAO might be vulnerable

A known vulnerability has emerged and is being resolved. Theoretically, it could allow a massive attack to take over all the collateral funds

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