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Italians crypto holders rise to 1.5 million: 44.5% are Millennials

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana among the most chosen cryptocurrencies in Italy.

For Millennials Bitcoin has replaced gold

This is according to university professor Jeremy Siegel

Survey: DeFi is something for millennials

CoinGecko interviewed 694 people, of whom 619 knew about the instruments and discovered some very interesting things

Bitcoin and stocks? According to eToro, it’s stuff for millennials

The platform revealed data and numbers on who invests the most, both in terms of age and countries.

Millennials trust Bitcoin more than Netflix

New generations favour cryptos over the film giant

Half of bitcoiners are millennials

The members of the niche of the real holders seem to be decidedly young, mostly men and passionate about finance and computer science

USA Millennials drawn to cryptocurrencies

Another survey on American sentiment towards digital currencies. Those born between 1980 and 2000 want cryptocurrencies in their wallets

The American dream: among the most desired investment portfolios in the USA are ETFs and crypto

According to a recent study conducted by the company Clarify Capital, the most sought-after portfolios by US citizens involve ETF and crypto.

Crypto voters in the USA elections: the study by Coinbase reveals a potential Bipartisan impact

The crypto voters: diversity and enthusiasm in the political landscape

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