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The President of the Fed Powell urges Congress to take action on stablecoin regulation

In a closed-door meeting with House Democrats, Federal Reserve (FED) Chairman Jerome Powell emphasized the urgent need for a legislative framework to regulate stablecoins in the United States, as reported by Politico. Concerns about the proliferation of stablecoins from the Federal Reserve Chairman Powell's remarks have...

Powell’s pro-crypto statements to the US Committee on Financial Services

Yesterday crypto markets breathed a sigh of relief, and the price of Bitcoin returned close to annual highs

Fed: Jerome Powell’s words are good for cryptos this time

A few hours after the end of his press conference, the price of BTC rebounded.

Fed: Jerome Powell’s words are not good for Bitcoin

Initially, the price of Bitcoin seemed to hold yesterday, but then fell

Jerome Powell influences the crypto market

Is the bear market really over?

Fed: Jerome Powell remains hawkish on inflation

There will also be rate hikes for 2023

Powell from Kraken on crypto’s PoR: a cryptographic proof is required

Jesse Powell on the subject of the collapse of FTX and Proof of Reserves (PoR)

Jerome Powell hints that the housing market needs a correction

Goldman Sachs reports how the drop in new home sales in 2022 will be 22%

Bitcoin may have hit its low after Powell’s speech

BTC may have found important support from which to restart

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