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Scott Minerd: institutions will not support the current bitcoin price

The price of BTC may struggle to rise above $30,000 due to the mass exit of retail investors in early January

Guggenheim’s Minerd fires back at Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

According to several analysts, Bitcoin's path is not among the most prosperous

Crypto “Washout” predicted by Guggenheim CIO will be similar to the Internet bubble

There will be losers but survivors will triumph

Number of crypto users down 50%

Sharp decline in investments and interest in cryptocurrencies

Legislators and regulators move forward, but in no particular order

The current regulatory framework in Italy for those operating in the crypto world is redundant and not at all clear

Bitcoin is undervalued by 28% according to JP Morgan

The big investment bank confirms an estimate of $38,000 per BTC, dispelling fears of further falls

BoE: Bitcoin has no intrinsic value

According to the Governor of the British Central Bank, it would not even be a good means of payment

Where can Bitcoin go: predictions of the big players

Predictions are flowing in as BTC prepares for a new ATH

Bitcoin predictions: bad in the short term, good in the long term

Several conflicting predictions on the price of bitcoin, according to the time frame being considered

US: the boom of crypto companies in 2020

The market of blockchain companies is exploding

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