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DePIN and Solana: access to the future of Web3 and crypto to empower the smartphone

Democratize the web3: millions of people within reach of a $20 investment

An experiment has led to the destruction of the Saga crypto smartphone, with the issuance of new Non-Fungible Tokens

Solana Phone "cooked" in the microwave: 3,333 commemorative NFTs launched.

Solana Mobile: second crypto smartphone coming soon

The successor of Saga will be cheaper, despite having new hardware.

The first smartphones on Ethereum’s blockchain were all sold in 24 hours

At the heart of this groundbreaking achievement is the ethOS operating system

Solana cuts price of its of crypto smartphone by 40%

Solana Saga aims to tap into the emerging market of mobile Web3 adoption

Solana Mobile: the crypto Android smartphone and its new Web3 social

The new urFeed platform experience aims to compete with Twitter, TikTok and Instagram

Pi Coin listed on Huobi exchange: everything to know about the crypto for smartphones

Huobi and have announced the listing of Pi Network's native token

Solana launches the first Crypto-Smartphone

In partnership with OSOM, Solana unveils what "Saga" is

Smartphones can predict our seed phrase

Smartphones might be able to generate our seed phrase through predictive typing

Electroneum: “a crypto smartphone available on Amazon for £59”

An interview with the CEO Richard Ells made in Malta during the Malta Blockchain Summit

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