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Two former JP Morgan executives convicted of fraud, spoofing and market manipulation

They defrauded investors for years, were guilty of crimes such as altering market prices and spoofing in a scheme that lasted 8 to 10 years

US DEA victim of fraud: $50,000 in crypto sent to scammer’s address

The federal agency was hit with the "poisoning address" technique

New malware threatens the crypto assets of Apple users and their wallets through fake blockchain games

This insidious malware targets individuals who engage in blockchain games

OpenAI and Microsoft implement Vall-E: the new voice chatbot that expands the power of artificial intelligence

Vall-E: OpenAI and Microsoft's new voice chabot in response to Google in the field of AI

Crypto hack also causes damage to FTX: $600 million lost. Could it be an internal entity within the company?

FTX hacker is now the 35th largest holder of ETH: $288 million in ETH

CEO of JP Morgan calls crypto “decentralized Ponzi schemes”

He describes himself as a major skeptic of the cryptocurrency market

Has the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto been revealed?

He would be an American researcher expert in computer security

Platin blockchain: a gamechanger software for EOS.IO and

EOS Global invests in the protocol that tracks location while maintaining user privacy

Toyota, blockchain to get rid of financial waste

A new online advertising data tracking system increases the company's return

Bitcoin price manipulation by bots

The Wall Street Journal interviewed some operators and experts in the field who confirmed not only the manipulations but also the tools used

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