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Facebook cryptocurrency “Libra” can be used by terrorists

The US Congress is seriously concerned

Facebook, where’s the Libra Association? The project is only in its infancy

The Libra Foundation building in Geneva is empty and the founding members have not yet paid out a single euro

Facebook: whitepaper and details about the Libra crypto

The social media giant launches its own crypto

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Uber support the Facebook cryptocurrency

A $10 million investment to join a consortium that includes several companies

The US government seizes cryptocurrencies

A million-dollar figure in a case of money laundering and copyright infringement

The Tidal Wave of Change

We are experiencing an unprecedented global shift in demographics

OpenNode, a new payment processor on the Lightning Network

The first scalable "PayPal" based on Bitcoin's LN is here

Iran and Russia could use cryptocurrencies

To circumvent the limitations imposed by the US and the SWIFT system, Iran and Russia are considering using cryptocurrencies for their international trades.

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