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Transparency and traceability for art, NFTs and blockchain, good or bad?

The art market is unregulated and data in major reports is mostly processed from auction house sales results

Saporare relies on Mangrovia for blockchain traceability

The Milanese software house specializing in blockchain solutions works alongside the e-commerce to certify and enhance Made in Italy products globally

VeChain: blockchain traceability for McDonald’s and Walmart

With the entry into the Chinese CAFA, VeChain ToolChain will be available to food giants

Bitcoin traceability, Big Brother: the law doesn’t like mixers

The Paxos company tracks your movements and warns you

Blockchain and traceability: the implementation of new technologies in traditional sectors

How the DLT can be disruptive to many different industries and services

Cermaq: salmon in the blockchain traceability network

Cermaq: salmon in the blockchain traceability network

Do-it-yourself (DIY) blockchain traceability

A small experiment by The Cryptonomist for the public tracking of oil from the Italian region Puglia

Bitcoin: drug trafficking prevented thanks to traceability

Virtual currencies can be tracked, not least for errors made by the user

Traceability of diamonds will pass through the blockchain to avoid scams

In a moment where an Italian news report about fraud on precious stones, traceability using the DLT has started.

Tiffany diamonds on blockchain? A traceability project has been announced

The press release talks about an initiative related to the transparency of the origin of the precious stone, but not about the use of DLT

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