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China: the digital Yuan

The country aims to replace the paper Yuan with its digital counterpart

Black November for Coinbase (COIN) stock price

Yesterday's day marks the climax of the "perfect storm"

Oil market very volatile in recent weeks

Brent crude price back to pre-war levels in Ukraine, but with sustained volatility

The US reckons with a new housing bubble

Demand for mortgages, both as first and second homes are at 22-year lows

Ukraine seizes Russian funds in a cryptocurrency wallet

The sum seized by the SBU (the Ukrainian intelligence service) amounts to $22,000

The war is being funded also through crypto

The 54 organizations, which received a total of $2.2 million in crypto, accumulated mainly BTC and ETH

The famous architect Fabio Rotella enters the world of NFTs

The star of this collection is a cute bunny named Konny and the first non-fungible token was sold just a few days ago

UNESCO project to digitally save the territory of Ukraine

Backup Ukraine, a project to digitally preserve Ukraine's historical monuments that might be totally or partially destroyed by war

Bitcoin amidst war and inflation: a period of great uncertainty

The latest developments in Bitcoin's market sentiment, including hyperinflation and the war in Ukraine, which threatens to undermine economic growth

Cryptocurrencies withstand the heavy impact of war

The use of crypto in Russia and Ukraine

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