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Latam Insight: Javier Miller defends his libertarian ideas at the WEF in Davos and supports Venezuela’s petro

A few days earlier, the petro had been given up for dead, with Venezuela preparing to liquidate the currency for bolivares.

Venezuela blocks the state-run blockchain crypto Petro

Big problems since the head of the issuer was arrested for alleged corruption

Cryptocurrency ATM: Bitbase opens in Venezuela

Spanish company specializing in cryptocurrency ATMs announces its upcoming opening

Venezuela: minimum wage raised to half a Petro

The minimum wage is $29 per month in a country still suffering from hyperinflation

First EOS dApps authorized by the government in Venezuela

These are EOS Micro Loan and EOS Market Place

Bank of Venezuela gives green light for digital Bolivar

The Central Bank of Venezuela is revamping its currency by removing six zeros and issuing a sort of new digital currency

Petro (PRT): the renaissance of Venezuela’s digital currency

Maduro spoke of sparking an economic recovery

Venezuela: Bitcoin and Litecoin to buy Petro

The country's official exchange has just been launched

Dash: collecting donations for Venezuela

The South American country is going through a severe social crisis, with the health system collapsing

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