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Catch tokens with Wallem

CEO Simone Conti: "It's a mobile app with which you can play, have fun and earn tokens. It looks like Pokemon Go with a chance to earn money".

Riot Games prepares to enter the NFT world

The producer of successful video games such as League of Legends (LoL) and Valorant has filed a trademark in the non-fungible token sector

Decentraland and how NFTs are revolutionizing online gaming

Non-fungible tokens are bringing great novelties, especially in gaming and digital art

Crypto Merch: new t-shirts dedicated to Chainlink and Zilliqa

The Cryptonomist's ecommerce is expanding its range of products

Cryptonomist Awards: the best events of 2018

To celebrate the end of the year, here is a list of the most interesting projects, events, ICOs and cryptocurrencies according to our editorial staff

Consultique, Verona hosts the Fee Only Summit 2018

On October 18th Cryptonomist will be protagonist of the fintech and cryptocurrency panel

The Blockchain Cruise 2018 takes off from Barcelona

Tomorrow, 2500 participants and personalities of the calibre of John McAfee, Roger Ver, Tone Vays, Charlie Lee and Giacomo Zucco will sail on the ship. Cryptonomist media partner of the event

Five must-see crypto & blockchain events

Conferences, meetings and cruises starting next September: London, Barcelona, New York, Malta and Singapore. And remember to add the ICO Race in the calendar

McAfee to give speech at the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise

Cryptonomist is a media partner of this new crypto event with Roger Ver and other important guests

ICO Race, the winner is …

Pigzbe, Metalyfe and Desico step up on the podium of the blockchain competition. The two days of ICO Race, the Grand Prize of the token sale will make people talk about themselves in the coming months.

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