Digital Marketing Blockchain

Your blockchain digital marketing agency for boosting your project

Do you want to increase your traffic? Do you want to reach more users? Do you want to grow your trust and fan base? Social media platforms don’t allow ADVs and sponsored posts, but The Cryptonomist is here to help your blockchain company.

We also offer a package to manage the whole marketing campaign of your ICO: demonstrate your friends that the market is not dead and that ICOs can still be successful. 

Here are our services related to blockchain digital marketing:

  1. Marketing plan: We help you to create a strategy to reach your target all around the world. We can do it in Italian as well as in English. This service is 100% customisable according to your needs.
  2. Press Office: Share your story with people from all over the world through The Cryptonomist’s media contacts. We have more than 1000 contacts of journalists from all the countries to send them your PRs.
  3. Content Creation: as a magazine we have all the qualified people to write your content about blockchain and cryptocurrencies to reach a wider audience. SEO optimisation is included.
  4. SEO optimisation: improve your ranking on Google for your website or blog.
  5. Social media management: we can help you increase the engagement of your posts on several different social media including Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more
  6. Blog: open your company blog under the Cryptonomist’s domain to reach all our readers and avoid third-party blogs closing your accounts because you are publishing contents related to crypto.
  7. English, Italian, French, Spanish and Turkish translations.

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