ripple ceo libra

Ripple CEO talks about Libra and crypto regulation

Brad Garlinghouse expressed concern about the blockchain industry being classified as a tool for criminals
royal mint tentum crypto

Royal Mint denies the collaboration with the Temtum crypto

The UK government-owned mint denies any connection
Libra congress hearing

Libra: today the first hearing in Congress

There will be two meetings today and tomorrow at the Senate and House Committee on Financial Services, during which the project director will have to clarify numerous doubts
bitmain courses for miners

Bitmain is organising courses for miners

The official announcement from the mining company came yesterday
bitcoin drop in price

Bitcoin experiences a drop in price again

A day with an evident prevalence of negative signs for more than 90% of cryptocurrencies
samsung electronics blockchain

Samsung Electronics continues focusing on blockchain

A partnership with 6 other technology giants for a DLT project was announced today
bitcoin returns investment

Bitcoin: higher returns on investment in 2019 compared to 2017

To date, a hypothetical investment in BTC made on January 1st would be greater than it was in the year of the last speculative bubble.
korea shinhan card blockchain

Korea: Shinhan Card obtains a blockchain patent

The developed system would disrupt the traditional credit card system based on three intermediaries
consortium R3 IPO

Consortium R3 would be considering launching an IPO

R3 is the blockchain software company that recently launched Corda Enterprise