Augur improves user experience
Augur improves user experience

Augur improves user experience

By Alfredo de Candia - 7 Nov 2019

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As reported by Alchemy yesterday, Augur can now boast a better user experience on its platform, allowing it to improve its adoption.

Augur is a market prediction protocol as well as a decentralised oracle that, through an open-source license, can be used by anyone. Given the fact that the code is written in Solidity, it can be used on the Ethereum blockchain.

Being open-source, some aspects were not taken care of in every detail and its adoption, despite being a good project, has been difficult to take off because many complained about the difficult process in order to integrate it. This led the team to spend a lot of time on that, although the unsuccessful efforts made them desist in the task.

This is why Augur chose to rely on Alchemy‘s platform, which specialises in providing a solid infrastructure for improving blockchain development, and which has resulted in the elimination of 98% of user complaints

The CTO of Augur, Alex Chapman, explained

“Alchemy resolved the consistency issues that had previously reared their head, removing 98% of user complaints and significantly improving Augur’s user experience and adoption.”

In addition, thanks to Alchemy’s support, synchronisation has also improved considerably, becoming 3 times faster, with considerable time savings.

Now, Augur’s development team will be able to devote itself to the heart of their product without any problems, providing a better service to its users. 

In addition, they will not have problems related to the support of issues related to the platform, since even in this case Alchemy will intervene directly with a 24/7 customer service.

Despite the positive news, the value of their REP token, which is at position 48 on CoinMarketCap, is undergoing a slow decline that has brought the price per unit to just over $11.


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