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REBO: no more plastic and the bottles go on the blockchain

REBO is a new smart bottle that uses blockchain technology to protect the environment. The Swiss financial company that invests in the blockchain sector, Swiss Crypto Advisors (SCA) has incubated the startup, placing its bets on REBO in order to try to save the environment from pollution due to plastic materials. 

More than 500 REBO bottles have been purchased in the first 24 hours of pre-sale in recent days, indicating a growing awareness of environmental problems. 

Swiss Crypto Advisors supported the REBO startup in the design, marketing and international launch of the new product.

In particular, it is a bottle made of stainless steel that, thanks to a laser sensor incorporated in the cap and connected to the blockchain, tracks the water drunk by the user and the plastic saved, generating tokenized green credits that reward the saving of plastic and therefore of pollution.

The credits are monetized and used to finance the cost of collecting plastic from beaches and oceans by some partner organizations active in this field, such as Plastic Bank. 

The blockchain, although it is not clear which one has been used, makes it possible to verify and certify that all credits are used exclusively for this purpose and that for every REBO bottle drunk there is always another one made of recycled plastic.

Francesco Abbate, CEO of Swiss Crypto Advisors and member of the Board of Directors of REBO itself, commented: 

“REBO is an example of how the blockchain applied to business and, in this case, to sustainability, generates economic value and certified benefits for our environment. Our company develops venture capital activities for startups that have a business model based on blockchain, because we believe that this technology can represent a competitive advantage in many industries and offer users faster, more effective, cheaper and safer solutions”.

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