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Bitcoin Lessons: the app to learn the basics of the crypto world from home

In this period of Coronavirus, all that’s left to do is stay at home nearly all over the world and so maybe it’s no coincidence that a growing number of apps and online courses are being created to learn the basics of the crypto world even from mobile phones, and that’s why initiatives like the Bitcoin Lessons app are coming forward, a sort of “Duolingo for Bitcoin”, explains the press release. 

The app is free for both iOS and Android.

Gareth Stephens, Founder of Bitcoin Lessons, explained:

“Having been a passionate advocate of Bitcoin for many years I, like many, have trawled the web-based resources available to understand how the currency works, how to get started and how to take a more sophisticated approach to holding the currency in the long-term. It’s a minefield, especially for the time-poor. With many predicting that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies herald the future of money, it’s vital that it becomes simpler for everyone to understand why. We’ve been amazed by the positive reaction to Bitcoin Lessons in our first few weeks and are really encouraged to see the locations where we seem to have hit a chord. So much so, we are now intending to produce translated versions with open access to all content for those in countries that need this knowledge the most.”

It is interesting to note that the app has been downloaded mainly in Mexico and Venezuela, countries in South America very interested in the crypto world, considering the inflation of the bolivar as well as the birth of Petro

During this period, it seems as if governments around the world are indirectly promoting blockchain courses, especially because having to stay at home is useful to take advantage of the time to learn something more and so – possibly taking advantage of market demand – the marketing of this type of initiatives is on the rise.

Furthermore, according to LinkedIn’s data, the blockchain sector is the one where it is easier to find work and with the highest salaries for the same position in other sectors.

Amelia Tomasicchio
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