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Chainlink VRF integrated on Polygon

Chainlink announced that Zeroswap had integrated its Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon network. 

Zeroswap is a multi-chain aggregator of DEX and an offering platform that had integrated VRF on Polygon as part of the multi-chain IDO platform called ZeeDO. 

So now, the platform has access to a tamper-proof, verifiable source of randomness needed to select winners fairly and securely to create a more transparent and fraud-proof user experience. In fact, users can now participate in Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) with confidence that winners are chosen with integrity and fairness, without human interference.

ZeeDO is a token distribution platform that offers the possibility to make IDOs, trying to create a more fair, secure, and transparent distribution, using randomizer with VRF technology by Chainlink, Proof-of-Participation and Proof-of-Winning with NFT, and no hidden costs.

Using VRF ZeeDO will ensure that investors who participate in IDOs are selected from a pool with no manipulation of results, no way to predict selection or gain an advantage, and a transparent selection method that anyone can independently monitor and control.

In fact, Chainlink’s VRF is an on-chain solution that generates a random number and cryptographic proof that verifies the integrity of the RNG process, ensuring that any on-chain function based on it is truly random and unbiased. This way, not even the ZeroSwap team, Chainlink oracles, or the teams generating the tokens can tamper with, predict, or influence the outcome.

ZeroSwap is in the process of releasing its mainnet, initially supported on Binance Smart Chain and followed by gradual integration with Ethereum, Polygon, and Elrond, and aims to become a major multi-chain DEX aggregator. 

ZeroSwap co-founder Aayushi Jain said: 

“Chainlink’s proven oracle security gives us the assurance that our users will have a provably fair playing field when it comes to token distribution selection. This also transcends into our ongoing integration with Chainlink price oracles, which will ensure the Zeroswap Dex has access to highly accurate and secure market data.” 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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