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Axe launches deodorants dedicated to Dogecoin

Deodorant brand Axe is about to release a line dedicated to Dogecoin. The association sounds absurd, but that’s what’s going to happen.

Axe itself revealed this in a tweet:


Dogecan, that’s the name of the new line of deodorants that will be released on 20 July.

And those who think this is a misunderstanding will have to think again. Another tweet from 13 July addresses the Dogecoin army (Dogearmy) and asks who is ready for Dogecan.

These tweets have aroused a lot of curiosity and irony.

It is said that the line will allow its users to smell like dogs. And that can’t always be a compliment.

Axe boosts Dogecoin’s popularity and vice versa

Certainly, Dogecoin’s popularity is set to grow thanks to the well-known deodorant brand. But the reverse is also true, namely that brands are exploiting the curiosity around Dogecoin.

The cryptocurrency, whose main fans include none other than Elon Musk, is having an extraordinary year. The price has risen from a few thousandths to a record 72 cents.

With the reversal of the market trend, Dogecoin has now also fallen back to 18 cents, leaving its annual performance clearly positive.

Unfortunately, the news about Axe has not shaken the price of DOGE. In fact, Dogecoin seems to be following the bearish trend these days and today has lost about 4%.

But Axe is not the only famous brand to play with Dogecoin. In recent months it was Snickers, the brand of chocolate bars, to make a tweet to celebrate Dogecoin on DogeDay. On Dogecoin’s celebration day, the chocolate bar company released a gif showing a special Snickers packaging. However, this was only a simple graphic animation, without any actual commercial sale.

In any case, Dogecoin continues to be talked about, especially due to the many meme coins created afterwards, which exploit dogs, cats and many other animals. Dogecoin is also undergoing an intense development phase. The cryptocurrency born as a joke is basically evolving and aiming to conquer the market.

Eleonora Spagnolo
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