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Disney launches its NFT line of collectibles

Disney‘s iconic brand is teaming up with VeVe Marketplace to create a new collection of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), dubbed “Golden Moments” for the exclusive occasion.

Golden moments become non-fungible tokens

The collectables will be unveiled at the world-renowned company’s annual Disney+Day on November 12.

Fans will have the chance to win NFTs that tell the stories and moments of Disney’s most important and well-known moments.

Not only unique and original Disney stories but also other characters from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars productions.

All these will be available for sale on the VeVe NFT Marketplace, a dimension created precisely to encourage the sale of digital collectables.

VeVe has previously partnered with Disney-Unit Marvel to launch a digital collection of historical comics.

Golden Moments, Disney’s NFT collection

The Golden Moments NFT that Disney will launch on November 12 will be golden statues representing the most famous moments in the stories covered by the world-renowned brand.

On the same day, the collection will also be accompanied by a digital Ultra Rare collectible, about which those responsible for the project have not wanted to talk yet. This will be a special treat for the millions of fans.

Those who win one of the special Golden Moments will also be entitled to a free three-month subscription to Disney+.

All those who decide to buy the Ultra Rare collectible will have the chance to become exclusive subscribers for a whole year.

Disney NFT
Disney launches its NFT line of collectibles

Marvel and DC Comics in the NFT world

VeVe was thus a very strategic move. As early as the beginning of 2021, Marvel had already made contact with the marketplace for a well-known collaboration.

The line dedicated to the assured support of the fans and enthusiasts of the world of comics and animation now finds a global response in the Disney event.

On October 5, DC Comics launched a special line of digital collectibles at the DC FanDome event. The collection, launched together with Palm NFT Studios, was very successful. It concerned a series of digital covers of rare comics. The characters within the collectibles sphere were Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman.