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Revolut launches personalized cards

The fintech giant Revolut has announced the launch of its personalized cards. Creative customers will now be able to use images, text, emoji or artistic drawings when designing their Revolut personalized card.

Revolut’s personalized cards

In response to the growing demand for personalized and customizable items, Revolut is launching new personalized cards for its customers in Italy, the UK and Switzerland

The customization options involve images, text, emoji, and freehand sketches, allowing people to actually draw on their cards. 

Through Revolut’s app, each customer can then creatively design their own card, turning it into a unique piece. All design elements will be laser engraved on the metal cards for customers with a Revolut Metal plan and printed for all other plans: Standard, Plus and Premium.

Customers can customize cards in different colours and materials, depending on their current subscription plan. 

With an upgrade to Metal, customers will receive an exclusive 18g metal card made from a single sheet of reinforced steel, available in lavender, gold, pink, silver, sidereal grey and black. The personalized cards are available from €2.99.

Revolut and the customization market

In its announcement, Revolut emphasises how personalization of items by the customer makes them feel creative and connected to the item itself

In this regard, Alan Chang, Chief Revenue Officer of Revolut, commented:

“Customers’ expectations are getting higher every day, with personalisation trends evolving towards mobile, real-time customisation, fast shipping of the personalised items and save-for-later features. Revamping our plans with the new Personalised Cards feature should give a big boost to our customers’ confidence and wallets. It’s encouraging to see how popular our plans have been so far, and we think Personalised Cards will be an attractive and popular addition to our existing offer”.

Essentially, Revolut also explains that customers interested in personalizing their products, are willing to pay more and wait longer, to get a unique, handcrafted item that makes them stand out. 

Revolut launches personalized cards

Analysis of how Italians spend

Last summer, Revolut had analyzed the spending data of its more than 650,000 Italian users to understand the 2021 summer holidays

We are in the year after the first pandemic, which still does not show the same levels as pre-pandemic, with a decline in card payments by tourists outside and a clear preference for rented cars and flats over public transport and hotels. 

In practice, according to the findings, only 26% of total spending took place abroad, compared to 20% in the previous year. 

In terms of social distancing, it seems that Italians would have chosen rental cars, increasing their spending on the service by 22% compared to 2019. Flats saw a 34% increase in spending at €425 per person

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