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Zilliqa in between sports and NFT projects

Zilliqa published a post on Twitter showing boxer Terence Crawford wearing a bathrobe with the ZIL logo on it.

Zilliqa in the world of sports

It’s not uncommon to see athletes wearing shirts with the logos of the world’s leading crypto companies, so this new sponsorship from Zilliqa is no surprise.

Zilliqa had already entered the world of football some time ago with a non-fungible token (NFT) project with players of the calibre of Manchester City’s Rúben Dias and Paris Saint-Germain’s Keylor Navas.

In fact, with Polaris, a company that manages the rights of some of the world’s most prominent footballers (one of them being Cristiano Ronaldo), some months ago Zilliqa announced the launch of 10 NFTs linked to football stars.


Zilliqa and NFTs

Speaking of NFTs, it is worth mentioning a collaboration between The NFT Magazine, Cryppo and Zilliqa, where ZIL is mentioned and is a partner with logos and articles.

In particular, an issue of The NFT Magazine dedicated to alternative blockchains to Ethereum on which to create non-fungible tokens will have Zilliqa as the main testimonial; while in the Cryppo collectibles series, ZIL’s logo will appear in some of the rarest NFTs.

Cryppo is The Cryptonomist’s series of collectibles, which will be launched on 21 December on OpenSea, and the partners in this activity include Zilliqa, but also Bitcoin Cash, pNetwork, Eidoo, Nemesis and others.

The latest news on Zilliqa

Finally, a month ago Zilliqa unveiled a cross-chain interoperability tool called ZilBridge to enable greater collaboration with the Ethereum ecosystem.

The new feature was developed and implemented by Switcheo Labs, the creative think tank that bootstraps and powers decentralized ecosystems in the DeFi space. Zilliqa, the first public blockchain offering high performance and high security for businesses and applications, will work with Switcheo to accommodate additional resources for cross-chain transfers.

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