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Revolut launches limited edition 24 carat gold card

Today, Revolut announces the launch of its limited-edition 24 carat gold card, available for Europe, US and the UK at a price of €79.99 (shipping included).

Revolut and the 24-carat gold card

The financial app with over 16 million customers worldwide, Revolut, today announced the launch of its limited-edition 24 carat gold plated metal card.

Like the other Revolut Metal cards, the 24 carat gold card weighs 18g and can be kept, with care, in one’s wallet.

The announcement comes just before the Christmas holidays, noting that the new Revolut product is available to all users, regardless of plan, in Europe, the US and the UK. The price including shipping is €79.99.

In this regard, Alan Chang, Chief Revenue Officer of Revolut commented:

“The 24-carat gold plated card is of a higher standard, designed for those who wish to add a little luxury to their lives. With the everyday user experience in mind, we are always looking to provide customers with more options and control to add something personal to their Revolut cards, items they carry with them practically everywhere.”

Revolut  gold card
Earlier this month Revolut announced the launch of personalized cards.

Revolut and personalized cards

The limited-edition 24-carat gold card is another gimmick from the fintech giant, which earlier this month announced the launch of personalized cards.

Basically, in order to reward its most creative customers, Revolut is offering the possibility to customize the design of their cards with images, text, emoji or artistic drawings in its app.

Revolut’s personalized cards are available to customers in Italy, the UK and Switzerland and, with no limited edition, would allow Revolut customers to create their own card and turn it into a unique piece.

All user-created design elements are laser engraved on metal cards for customers with the Revolut Metal plan, and printed for customers with other plans such as Standard, Plus and Premium.

From cards to the native token: the fintech app project

While Revolut seems to be on the ball with its personalized cards and, now, its limited-edition 24-carat gold card, its native token project seems to be a long time coming.

In September, speculation leaked that the financial app that offers a large number of cryptocurrencies and tokens for its customers, featuring purchase, custody and sale services, is creating its own token.

Something similar to what the world’s largest crypto exchange by market volume Binance has done with its BNB.

The company, at the moment, does not seem to have made the news official, but neither has it denied it, perhaps because it is waiting for the project to be approved by UK regulators.


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