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Whopping 33% of Fast Private Jet’s sales now conducted in cryptocurrency


Rome – One in every three flights managed by or booked through Fast Private Jet, an Italy based charter-flight company, is now being paid for in cryptocurrency.

Fast Private Jet, first of its kind using cryptocurrency payments

Last year, Fast Private Jet became Italy’s first private jet provider to accept payment in prominent cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP and the major cryptocurrencies available on the market.

Fast Private Jet founder and CEO Mauro De Rosa says:

“The use of leading-edge technological instruments has always been a key component of our corporate vision.This readiness to adapt to the quickly evolving technological landscape of the 21st century has allowed the company to distinguish itself, while enjoying significant growth, in today’s global aviation industry.”

Fast Private Jet cryptocurrency

Italy’s Fast Private Jet began accepting crypto early last year

Crypto: ‘Soon to Be Leading Means of Exchange’

Led by Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have seen major gains recently. Yet despite its mounting popularity, most airlines have yet to accept payments in crypto – although this is slowly starting to change. Far ahead of the curve, Fast Private Jet began accepting payment in cryptocurrency early last year. Now, De Rosa says, a whopping 33 percent of the company’s total payment transactions are conducted in Bitcoin and similar digital currencies.

In a landmark development earlier this year, the company recorded the world’s largest-ever cryptocurrency transaction – worth more than a half million dollars – for a single private jet flight.

Tailor-Made Services for All Travel Needs

With over 20 years of experience in the business aviation industry and a large fleet of world-class light jets, Fast Private Jet offers a range of high-end charter-flight solutions for both leisure and corporate travellers. It also has access to a vast global network of selected air-taxi companies, allowing it to meet all its clients’ air-travel needs and ensure maximum flexibility in terms of departure times.

Managing every aspect of the flight experience, both in the air and the on the ground, Fast Private Jet also provides travel services in addition to jet rentals. These include exclusive helicopter charter services, VIP transfers, catering, chauffeuring and concierge services, as well as arrangements and planning for special events.