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Wirex launches in the United States

London-based crypto payments platform Wirex has launched its services in the United States of America. 

Wirex cards also in the United States

The mobile app, which already has over 4.5 million users worldwide, will now also allow Americans to buy, store, trade and spend digital currencies. 

After partnering with Zero Hash, Checkout.com, Visa and Sutton Bank, the distribution of its debit card across America has effectively begun. 

Currently, the service is already available for all states except New York, where it will arrive by the end of the year. In addition, plans are being studied to launch additional features and products for US customers. 

It supports as many as 37 different cryptocurrencies, and has a contactless Visa debit card that allows spending cryptocurrencies in physical stores in over 61 million locations worldwide. It has no annual fees or foreign exchange fees, and transactions are nearly instantaneous. 

The partnership with Checkout.com also allows for instant top-ups without fees by linking a debit card.

Wirex prepaid card funds are held in a federally chartered bank (Sutton Bank of Ohio), with up to $250,000 of insurance per user. 

Wirex United States
Wirex to conquer the USA

Wirex in the US

In 2014, Wirex launched the first cryptocurrency-powered debit card, and now it finally lands in America. 

Wirex USA CEO Harold Montgomery said: 

“We’re excited to be able to empower American consumers, whether a hardcore crypto-enthusiast or a novice fintech fan, to experience the benefits of a digital economy. US users have been demanding an alternative to traditional forms of payments that are antiquated, slow and non-transparent, and that’s where Wirex steps in. We’re known for upholding regulatory and licensing standards where required, and applying industry-best practices where regulations don’t yet exist. American customers can expect the same level of compliance”.

CEO of Zero Hash and the crypto exchange platform that powers Wirex’s services, Edward Woodford, added: 

“This is an excellent time to enter the US market and Wirex is primed for success as cryptocurrencies gain momentum as a payment option. Recent studies confirm this with nearly 60 percent of US consumers wanting to pay with crypto to make everyday purchases.Our deep expertise in US regulations and our API-first approach makes us consistently the chosen partner for fintechs such as Wirex to expand to the US”.


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