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Meta integrates new 3D ads on Facebook and Instagram

Meta Platform has integrated VNTANA to allow brands to upload interactive ads to Facebook and Instagram. 

Meta and VNTANA to bring 3D ads to Facebook and Instagram

Meta has reportedly integrated VNTANA, the industry leader in 3D eCommerce technology, to bring 3D ads to Facebook and Instagram

Essentially, VNTANA has gained alpha access directly from Meta Platform to Meta’s AR Publishing API to automate the creation and publishing of 3D ad assets.

This means that, through the combination of Meta and VNTANA, brands can take advantage of a new, interactive model to bring their ads to Meta’s apps and connect with their customers online, creating more immersive experiences, albeit not yet at the levels of the Metaverse. 

Here is VNTANA’s announcement on Twitter, the social network of crypto-lovers::

“We are bringing 3D Ads to Facebook & IG! With our new integration, VNTANA allows brands to upload their existing #3D designs from programs like @browzwear, @itsclo3d, @KeyShot3D & more & automatically converts them for Facebook & IG”.

New offering for brands of 3D and AR ad templates

VNTANA allows brands to upload their existing 3D designs from programs such as Browzwear, Clo, Keyshot, Modo and automatically converts them to Facebook and Instagram standards. 

These 3D models can then be published by VNTANA directly into the Meta catalogue so that brands can greatly simplify the creation of 3D ads.

Meta and VNTANA 3D ads
New interactive ad templates thanks to AR technology

In this regard, Ashley Crowder, co-founder and CEO of VNTANA commented:

“3D and AR technology in online ads is the next frontier for brands looking to connect with the digital consumer and is a great first step into the metaverse. Collaborating with Meta to offer brands 3D deployment across its advertising platform is another move forward for VNTANA to democratize 3D for the retail industry. This technology delivers benefits to both the retailer and the consumer, as it gives the consumer a better understanding of the product”.

Chris Barbour, Director, Augmented Reality Business Development & Partnerships – Meta Reality Labs, also commented on 3D and AR technologies:

“We know how important Facebook and Instagram’s advertising capabilities are for many brands looking to reach their target audience. 3D and AR opens a new door of advertising possibilities for retail and e-commerce brands, improving the customer experience from the point of acquisition”.

The rise of the Metaverse and virtual influencers

Instagram has reportedly given its “blue checkmarks” for verification, authentication and trustworthiness to as many as 35 virtual influencer accounts. 

Computer-generated characters are clearly growing in this space, with average engagement rates collected up to three times higher than human influencers

Among the names of the 35 virtual influencers with a blue checkmark is Magazine Luiza (@magazineluiza), with 5.8 million followers who would be the brand spokesperson for Brazilian conglomerate Magazine Luiza. Next up is Miquela Sousa (@lilmiquela) with 3.1 million followers, and Casas Bahias (@casabahia) with 3 million followers. 

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