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Understanding Beyond Meta’s Play2learn – Gamifying education in the Metaverse

It is Monday morning, and every student logs into Roblox, ready to learn conductivity. Instead of the whiteboard, the tutor logs into Roblox to play a game with the kids represented by their avatars. The tutor explains conductivity as avatars move through different rooms, spaces, and cubicles in the game. In the afternoon, sustainable energy is the topic; the children compete in virtual races with green hydrogen cars, petrol-fuelled cars, and battery-powered cars. After the race, the tutor explains why some cars did not branch the fuel station, and others did not emit any smoke. Then, with a smile and fulfillment, the student understands greenhouse gasses and green hydrogen.  

In the future, immersive learning will dominate. We will no longer be limited by distance to learn, earn, and associate with others. Instead, learning will be fun and engaging, capturing the limit of every child. This is expected through a paradigm shift in our learning mode powered by emerging technologies such as blockchain, AR, VR, and other immersive technologies that will revolutionize our approach to education.

Play2learn in the metaverse: a new era of children education

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The metaverse will revolutionize the way children learn things

Explaining critical concepts will be more accessible when we can visualize and create virtual scenarios to explain points. For instance, how best do you explain sustainability and SDG to a kid without boring him with details and abstract concepts – can kids picture oxygen or understand greenhouse gasses? Therefore, learning will be fun for children when they can visualize different ideas with games centered on them. Additionally, there is a need to incentivize children and reward them while learning. Hence, there is a need to earn as we learn. 

A community-driven platform that helps children with limited resources reimagine their lives with new children-centric directions should be prioritized. This is realizable by introducing innovative technology such as Web3 education to teach kids. In addition, learning through games provides children with a collaborative world. These, among others, are the mission of BeyondMeta.holdings’ Play2learn.

Play2learn: understanding how Roblox metaverse works

Knowing how the metaverse works will pave the way to understanding how play2earn will gamify education. The metaverse is a digital world extending beyond our physical realities. The metaverse will be a merger of different virtual platforms like virtual and augmented reality with other technologies like machine learning, IoT, and AI to revolutionize our world. 

How metaverse will pan out and become part of our lives is still sketchy. However, Roblox is giving us the prototype. With Roblox, we can build games and the online environment we imagine. This imagination brings the concept of learning through gamified education – this is where our play2learn.com comes in.

Using metaverse for gamified education, introducing play2earn

Imagine a scenario where children not only play games but learn through the games, avatars, and NFTs. Also, think of incentivizing players with tokens after reaching a milestone. Would education not be rewarding, engaging, and knowledge-based? This is a step above the common use cases of metaverse like gaming, virtual concerts, and trading of digital assets. So how do we gamify education?

Think of driving a fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) powered with green hydrogen and competing in a motor GP sport with others. You are passing through roads with the car emitting no emission; the car runs out of fuel in the tank, but instead of looking for a gas station, you use the excess energy stored in a battery cell to continue the race. You check other cars and notice how smoke fills the air as your car competes. You see no trees and flowers on the roadside with no shade for the fans cheering the racers. After the race, a virtual teacher explains why you don’t need a fuel station to power your car, the effect of those harmful emissions, and tree cutting.

You can also imagine having your avatar, with a $1200 salary, lavish $1000 in a virtual market on luxury items – chocolate, video players, soda, and others. He forgets health and car insurance and downplays any emergency or investing from the salary. Suddenly, the avatar loses his job and realizes there is not much to spend, no family to come to aid, and no bank will offer him a loan due to his poor credit score. Realizing this, he meditated on how poorly he managed funds.

The examples above are ways play2learn will gamify education. However, we will use games in teaching mathematics and other abstract concepts. For instance, how avatars move from different places in the virtual world can teach how electrons flow in our body and how conductivity works. Additionally, gamifying education provides the basics of a holistic learning experience as we can amalgamate different subjects.

One of such courses already created on the platform is ‘the key principles of great Visual Merchandising & Window Dressing.’ Users will learn to create an eye-catching store window, effective layout, mannequin handling, and dressing through visualization. Additionally, you will learn to create a hotspot for promotion areas and techniques that increase sales by 20-25%. 

Gamifying education is not limited to the above areas alone. Other areas the platform will gamify and open to brands and education consultants to gamify their offers are Art and Design, Automobile, Aviation, Farming, Finance and DeFi, Health and Wellness, Retail and Fashion, Space, Sports, and Sustainability. Hence, there’s no limit to gamify education through play2learn.

But how does Metahug operate?

We need a platform where children excel and lead, performing the core actions of the brands, including game creation, website design, and governing process – this is where Metahug DAO comes in. Our DAO is led by kids and young adults below 21 years of age; their activities include but are not limited to:

  • Empower kids and teens to take charge of their learning and explore the topics they love through the power of play.
  • Democratizing play. Our live, small group classes and dynamic teachers help kids build genuine friendships through our DAO.
  • Marketers and educators exchange research and techniques, and by applying marketing to teaching and teaching to marketing, everyone benefits.

Therefore, Metahug DAO offers a new way of coordinating gaming & education communities where members meet from all walks of life, democratizing play. 

Becoming a member of the Metahug DAO

No matter your clothes or your education, starting together will allow our children to learn and grow to brace for future challenges. Becoming a member helps the kids through sharing and using a social network created for kids by kids. Joining our DAO and the Roblox group ensures kids get everything needed to be better gamers and how best they can enhance and connect to their online community in Roblox. You shouldn’t be left out in this innovative idea providing a level playing ground for all kids.